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  • KVVP Steering Committee
  •  December 2012 KVVP Gathering at Hale House
  • Barbara Frierson engaged in group discussion
  • Guests enjoy 'High Tea on the Veranda' in June
KVVP Steering Committee1  December 2012 KVVP Gathering at Hale House2 Barbara Frierson engaged in group discussion3 Guests enjoy 'High Tea on the Veranda' in June4
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KVVP or Kanawha Valley Village People is a grass-roots, non-profit organization of volunteers which follows the ‘village’ concept. Right-click here and ‘open the link in a new tab’ to see what the Village to Village Network is all about.

KVVP invites people of all ages to join us in order to make our community better by linking individuals with others providing the services they need in order to ‘age in place’ – remaining in their communities and in their own homes as they grow older.

In an article by Jim Weiker of the Columbus Dispatch, Cynthia Love said it best: “We want to stay in our own homes.” Such a simple concept is often easier said than done. In the past when extended families lived in a single household, it made sense for several generations of a family to remain together – the grand parents often caring for their grand children while the kids’ parents went off to work. Today however, it is common for us to live in our own home or apartment and communicate with our children and relatives by phone.

Another individual interviewed by Mr. Weiker said that: “The old model is you work till you’re 65 and drop dead two years later. That’s not happening. We live another 20 years, and, for most people, there’s this huge period of relatively good health that might require some help.” Click here to read Jim’s article –Retirees find help that will allow them to remain at home.

With a nursing home costing upwards of $75,000 a year and assisted living nearly $50,000 a year, there is a definite need for an alternative. Waiting for someone else to address the problem just doesn’t work therefore the ‘village concept’ was born.


At the May 5, 2019 Annual Meeting of the Kanawha Valley Village People, two people were elected to the Board of Directors.  The Board met on May 5th to elect officers and set their first meeting.  This Board will serve until May, 2020.

President James Thibeault, Malden: James was one of the individuals that explored alternative retirement options including the Village Model and gathered a group of people together to start Kanawha Valley Village People in 2013. James came to WV in the early 1970s as a Vista Volunteer and organized Cabin Creek Quilts, a self-help quilting cooperative.  He was responsible for getting grants for the Women’s Park in Malden and to reconstruct Booker T. Washington’s boyhood home.  For nearly 40 years he has helped operate and beautify Good Living Assisted Living. Term 2 years.

Vice President Terry Winston Pickett, Charleston: Terry is a native Charlestonian. She is a graduate of Charleston High School and Oberlin College (History) and received her Elementary Teaching Certification from the University of Iowa and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from COGS. Terry (or Ms. Pickett…whichever you prefer) was married to Dr. George Pickett, State Health Director in Governor John D. Rockefeller’s first administration, for 32 years. Individually and together they lived in places as diverse as California, Scotland, Alabama, Michigan, New York and Wales before returning to Charleston in 1997. Terry’s favorite position in that time was ‘Special Assistant to Long Beach (NY)’. She worked with all levels of government to help bring programs and projects into Long Beach…from immunizations to mammography to low-income housing. She drew on that experience to help spearhead a community project to bring a Media Studies Center into the downtown to increase the population and quality of life in Charleston (to be continued). Recently, in conversation with others, she became sharply aware of the need for housing and resources for middle-income seniors. She hopes to work with KVVP to help fill that need. Term 2 years.

Treasurer, Larry Rowe, Malden: Larry is an experienced attorney at law, , member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, resident expert of all things Malden. Term 2 years.




Secretary, Susan Mollohan, Charleston: Susan is retired following 35 years of service with the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia. Term 2 years.





Secretary Sandra Mitchell, Elkview: Sandra is a life long resident of the Kanawha Valley. She completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration and Finance and her MBA from the University of Charleston. Sandra also completed additional graduate work in public health at WVU, and completed certificate program in Health Administration from UCLA. With 30+ years experience in health care management, Sandra retired from Cabin Creek Health Systems in 2015, having served as the Chief Operating Officer and Quality Director. Improving quality of care and patient education and engagement in self care management were Sandra’s primary areas of interest. Evidenced based care and experience, with use of data and analysis are tools that Sandra has an interest in helping KVVP maximize services and value to their members and community. Sandra is the grandmother four grandchildren …a set of triplets plus one…all amazing and great fun. Term 2 years.


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