Village research produced by the University of California Berkeley School of Social Work , Berkeley, CA and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Oakland, CA is summarized in the following abstract.

The Impact of the Village Model on Health, Well-being, Service Access, and Social Engagement of Older Adults
Researchers Carrie L. Graham, MGS, PhD; Andrew E Scharlach, PhD; Jennifer Price Wolf, PhD.

Background. Villages represent an emerging consumer-driven social support model that aims to enhance the social engagement, independence, and well-being of community-dwelling seniors through a combination of social activities, volunteer opportunities, service referral, and direct assistance. This study aimed to assess the perceived impact of Village membership on factors associated with the likelihood of aging in place. Additionally, the research examines the characteristics and service use of members who benefit the most. Method. Perceived impacts of Village membership in the areas of social engagement, service access, health and well-being, and self-efficacy for maintaining independence were assessed through a survey of 282 active Village members from five sites in California. Bivariate and multivariate analyses examined associations between member characteristics, volunteerism, service use, and self-reported impacts. Results. Villages have the strongest impact in the area of promoting social engagement and facilitating access to services. Three quarters of the participants report that the Village increases their ability to age in place. Positive impacts were associated with level of Village involvement, but less likely among members who had worse self-reported health. Conclusion. Villages represent a promising new model designed to support community-dwelling seniors with a number of positive impacts that may reduce social isolation, improve well-being, and increase confidence aging in place. Villages appear to have the greatest benefit for members who are most involved and fewer positive impacts for members in poor health, prompting questions about the long-term effectiveness of the Village model in helping more frail seniors to age in place.  To read the full Research piece, click here.


Rutgers University School of Social Work produced a report entitled A National Overview of Villages: Results from a 2012 Organizational Survey which you can read below.  Remember to use your ESC key to leave the publication when you’re finished.

A National Overview of Villages: Results from a 2012 Organizational Survey 

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