Membership Application

Dues for the Kanawha Valley Village People are still $120 a year per person. The membership dues are for the calendar year and run from January 1-December 31. For new members who join after January, the dues will be pro-rated on a monthly basis for the initial year. Thereafter, the dues will be for a full year and due by January 1. We are an all-volunteer organization but there are costs:  printing, office supplies, dues to the national Village to Village Network and other on-going costs of the organization.   Your membership brings you closer to the organizational goal of “aging in community.” See the list of member benefits below.  Click here to access the membership form and print it out. Send the completed form along with a check for $120 made out to KVVP and send both to us at this address:

KVVP, Box 11742, Charleston, WV, 25339 

Here is a current list of Member benefits:

-Concierge service for members needing referrals to service providers -E-blast of activities and offers – most offers/activities available to members only

-Programs and social activities -Personal medical ID card -Crisis Casserole service

-Membership Handbook and Membership Card

-Discount at Belly Scrubs, a pet grooming service -Website and Villager Newsletter

-Being part of an exciting, new, successful nationwide movement to create improved lives and opportunities for seniors -Creating the kind of friendly, interesting, supportive community we want to live in, including partnerships such as we have with Partnership for Elder Living (PEL) and Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley.

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