Long Term Care

The West Virginia Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) are places you and your family can visit or call to ask questions about services and support to help you or a loved one remain at home and active in the community for as long as possible. At the ADRC offices you will find professionally trained staff who can answer all of your questions about resources available in your area and how to access or apply for those resources. They can assist you in easily navigating the long-term care system, which can often be confusing and frustrating.

In addition, they offer Medicare counseling as well as having resources to serve as an entry point for a program which has enabled individuals to leave a long-term care facility and return to live in the community. This program called Take Me Home West Virginia can provide the needed ‘helping hand’ providing access to homemakers and others who can facilitate the process of reintegration into the community.

Kanawha and Putnam counties are served from Region 2. Here are the addresses, phone numbers and hours of ADRCS offices in our area.

West Virginia ADRCS
1 Dunbar Plaza, Suite 102
Dunbar, WV 25064
Toll Free: 1-866-981-2372 or 304-720-6861
Office hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm 

West Virginia ADRCS
3003 Charleston Town Center Mall – 3rd floor
Charleston, WV 25389
Toll Free:  1-877-987-3646 or 304-558-3317
Office hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm