Frequently Asked Questions

under const 1Ever wondered what ‘FAQ’ meant when you saw it while browsing the internet? FAQ stands for ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. On this page, there will be a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ and their answers. Here are a few questions from other websites and possible answers demonstrating what will be covered here. These are only examples since KVVP has yet to develop a Q & A page.

  • Q: Is the membership cost per year fixed or is it flexible for low-income seniors?
  • A: We hope to have a dues structure that will be flexible to include low-income seniors.
  • Q: Can I pay for a membership for another person?
  • A: At this time, that hasn’t been discussed but it seems reasonable that you would be
  • Q: What is the age limit to join?
  • A: This is one that has an answer: KVVP welcomes members of all ages.

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