Annual Meeting Proxy

If you cannot attend the May 5, 2019 KVVP Annual Meeting, please download and complete the Proxy form.  Instructions for return of the completed form are included at the bottom of the form.  To make the decisions official we must have a quorum of members present or completed Proxy forms.  The Proxy form is in PDF format.  Click on the link below.  When the form opens, look for the printer icon at the top right of the form and click on it to print.  Next to the little printer icon is an icon of a downward arrow.  Click on that to save the form to your machine.

Proxy for Kanawha Valley Village People Annual Meeting

Your completed Proxy must be received by Saturday, May 4th if you are sending it by post or email. If you are sending your Proxy with another member attending the meeting, your Proxy can be received the day of the meeting prior to the election.




















Board Retreat Report!

Below are four PDF files making up the Board Retreat Report.  Just click on the blue link to open the file.

Number 1. Mini-Interviews and Bold Statement

Number 2. Three Wishes and Round Robin

Number 3. Mini-Presentations, Parking Lot, and Next Steps

Number 4. Inspiration!