The Kanawha Valley Village People is an all-volunteer group dedicated toCapitol St. b helping the people of the Charleston Metro Area ‘age in place’ which means remaining in their own homes and communities as healthy, active participants as they grow older. Once fully active, we hope to provide basic practical services such as transportation and light home maintenance. In addition, we hope to have a social element in what we do: we already have a book club and a system whereby we will make regularly scheduled ‘check-in calls’ to interested individuals – to inform, invite and just ‘check-in’ to see how they are doing.

Since many people are not as able as they once were to manage the day-to-day chores of maintaining a home, we hope that one of our principal purposes will be to facilitate that process by providing links between those who can help and those who need help. Although we are just now in the formative stage of development, we hope to provide such member services as: Need a ride to the store? Call us. Need some help with your computer? Call us. Need someone to remodel your bathroom? Call us. Got a leaky roof? Call us. Need someone to rake the leaves? Call us.

KVVP is not all work and no play. Let’s say you want to organize a trip to the local brew pub. Call us. What about organizing a ‘walk around town’ taking photos to become a better photographer? Call us. The possibilities of what we can do together are limited only by our imagination. Already, we have initiated ‘Crisis Casseroles’ which will provide food prepared by us for you in your time of need. Among other activities, we hope to plan excursions, have exercise classes and organize visits to local eateries in the future.

To read the latest news, check out ‘What’s New?’ here. To learn more about us, check out the pages of this website, read our newsletters,  send us an e-mail to kvvillagepeople@gmail.com, download our brochure, or give us a call to let us know what you think or request to be added to our mailing list – 304-767-5774.